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The stuff you find in ChineseDumps is paramount and precise. Yet, we won’t by claiming of slip-up or fault any. No warranty to will be liable to ChineseDumps in such situations. We provide you the contents on “as it is” basis. ChineseDumps doesn’t take any responsibility from its users and customers to viruses or bugs while downloading Test Engine files or when they are browsing our site.

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The data on this site is an exclusive property of ChineseDumps. Copying any of its contents, graphics, trademark, or any other product is a crime unless and until getting permission from ChineseDumps for any of reason.

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The privacy policy of ChineseDumps shows great apprehension to its customers. It assures the secrecy of their customers private information, bank account information, credit/debit card number, details of product’s purchase date etc. The information would never be disclosed or sold to any third party.

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